Full Hot Tub Service – from £140.00 inc VAT

hot tub servicing from complete hot tub repairs

Recommended at least once a year to ensure optimum performance

Regular hot tub maintenance is key for maintaining both optimal performance and the longevity of your spa.

Ensuring your water is clean and properly treated is essential to safe bathing and regular treatment for bio-organisms ensures the health and comfort of bathers.

Regular servicing of your hot-tub should include daily, weekly, monthly, and periodic maintenance tasks, as well as keeping a close look out for larger potential problems.

With our low-cost, great value service we can visit up to three or four times per year to keep your hot tub in pristine condition.

Your hot tub service-What we do

Low cost from just £140 within 20 mile radius of Stone in Staffordshire.

  • Remove and chemically treat filters
  • Full Chemical Flush
  • Full drain down
  • Removal of all residual water from system
  • Clean cabinet and panels
  • Clean and UV protect cover
  • Removal and clean of all headrests where applicable
  • Acrylic waterline cleaned
  • Fresh spa water replenishment
  • Water chemistry treatment
  • Rinse and re-fit filters
  • Check and adjust spa time function accordingly where applicable
  • All pump air locks removed
  • All plumbing unions tightened

Full Hot Tub Servicing from £140

Based in Staffordshire (Other areas covered)

Please Get In Touch For Details and to Arrange A Visit.