Hot Tub Emergency Repair Service

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Things Do Go Wrong With Hot Tubs

It is inevitable even with the most expensive hot tubs and spas that something will go wrong. Todays hot tubs are extremely complex mechanical and electronic devices that are often left outside in all weathers and sometimes without a lot of protection.

It is also true that often things go wrong at the most inconvenient time. Just as your planning a hot tub party for instance.

Early Spring is often a time where problems occur after the hot tub has experienced the ravages of Winter. The first glimpse of nicer weather and the hot tub fails to work as expected.

I will respond immediately to calls for help and quickly turn out on site, speedily diagnose and fix the problem and have your hot tub back in use in excellent condition.

I have in stock all the major parts to repair most common problems but if we have to order them we can get them fast.

Hot Tub Repair- What We Do

We have a straight forward low-cost call out fee of £70.00.

This covers our first hour on site and will enable us to diagnose the fault and fix at the time if parts are on board.

If the faulty part(s) are not in stock or the problem is more substantial and requires additional time we can usually obtain replacement parts within 24 hours. (Parts charged extra)

Additional time on site is charged at £30.00 per hour.

Get in contact with Dave on 07870 870623 to discuss the problem with your tub and we will come to you and fix your tub quickly and to a very high standard.